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Executive Summary

PDR-3160 is a high performance stand-along digital video recorder (DVR) with 32-bits RISC processor which can perform multiplex DVR features simultaneously including Recording, Live Monitoring, Playback, and Network Monitoring.

It is designed by the most advanced technologies of Merit Lilin. These technologies enable users to enjoy extreme flexibilities including Jog & Shuttle menu, USB portable disk backup, Integrated DVR & PTZ remote controller, and quick video searching time bar user interface.

Securities are highly concerned during design phase. Many features such as non-stop hot swappable HDD recording, multiplex system design, instant controllable PTZ camera, system alarm & motion event lists, and user authentication provide maximum securities in operating PDR-3160.

The quality and reliability of PDR-3160 are strictly monitored and controlled throughout the manufacturing processes by Merit Lilin.

Major Features

• 1 6-channel video inputs

• 1 -channel audio Input and output

• Simultaneous recording & playback

• Built-in multiplex features for split monitoring

• Up to 480fps live display rate

• Two hot swappable HDDs

• 1 6x12 motion detection grids

• P ortable USB disk backup & firmware update

• Remote controller

• HTTP for downloading network viewer application

• J og & Shuttle for menu systems


• Do not drop or strike this equipment

• Do not install the equipment near any naked flames or heat sources

• Do not expose this unit to rain, moisture, smoke or dust environment

• Do not cover the opening of the cabinet with cloth and plastic or to install this unit in poor ventilated places. Allow 10cm between this unit and its surroundings

• Do not continue to operate the unit under abnormal conditions such as detection or smoke, strange smell or no display on screen while power is turned on

• Do not touch the power connection with wet hands

• Do not damage the power cord or leave it under pressure

• Do not operate this unit near magnet, speaker system, etc., to avoid unnecessary magnetic interference

• Connection cables should be grounded properly

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